Parma filtration plants

Parma Filtration systems

At the service of health

Belletti company produces filtration systems in Parma. Many of the production and manufacturing processes, in particular in the steel or mechanical industry, provide in fact, technological cycles during which are carried out transformations or handling of objects and materials which release a series of pollutants such as fumes, oily fogs, powders and / or exhalations. The minuscule dimensions, less than 1.5 microns, of these pollutants make them imperceptible to the people exposed to their toxic action. In fact, for their microorganic nature, they go beyond the natural filter represented by the nose and reach the first respiratory tract which have the fundamental function of oxygenating the blood. In the affected areas it is therefore necessary to install effective localized or centralized vaccum systems capable of removing pollutants from workers.

Safe Working Environments

Breathing pollutants for a long period of time, in fact, can alter in different levels, the whole cardiovascular system of the exposed workers.
The ventilation systems produced by Belletti Impianti allow to reduce to a minimum the emission and the effect of the mentioned harmful agents, according to the provisions of the law in force.
To create a safe and healthy work environment it is necessary to rely on experienced and reliable professionals. The Belletti Impianti technicians will provide for the installation, the start-up test and the issue of legal certifications. Like all the products and complex plants proposed by the company, they are completed by a technical assistance service provided by specialized technicians for every different maintenance need.


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