Parma sterilization Plants

Parma sterilization plants

Safe disposal

The sterilization systems manufactured by Belletti Impianti in Parma guarantee an efficient and safe disposal of infectious health waste. In fact, the processes activated by the systems installed by the company allow very low environmental emissions compared to other disposal systems. The total waste produced by a hospital is defined as health waste.
The sterilization of medical waste must be carried out only in authorized facilities and with the use of specific equipment for the sterilization of only dangerous health waste at infectious risk. For all hospitals and health centers looking for a serious and reliable partner, Belletti Impianti is the ideal solution, just use the dedicated contact form.


Efficiency and Savings

The cycle of sterilization of medical waste involves a series of steps regulated by the rules in force. It is therefore very important to use reliable and low emission systems of the latest generation.
The sterilization performed with Belletti's plants guarantees efficient disposal in total safety and reduces the risk of infection. If you need efficient and latest generation sterilization systems rely on our company. In addition to waste sterilization plants, we produce sterilization systems for the dairy company.



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